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The Magira project

Nature and sustainability, culture and science, technology and innovation, economy, individuals and society seen from an alternative perspective, which we are going to build together.

We are constantly looking for the signals of mutation, like the truly desperate French aesthetic reactionary, Charles Baudelaire. We also try to investigate reality, waiting for the exact moment when a civilization finds its foothold to turn in on itself and become a new and unimaginable scenery.
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The last one

The topics covered

Looking for mutations

Culture & Society

Are we all hostage to the unique thinking of the mainstream?

Science and Technology

Do science and technology, after the events of 2019, need to revise the way they communicate with people?


How is it changing in the art world after the advent of digital and crypto NFT?


Discovering forgotten places, where the ancient customs and traditions still live.


Are we building, really, an environmentally and socially more sustainable world or is it just blah blah blah?

Digital Professions

What are the skills and crafts behind the online world?


Much more, that we haven’t thought of yet and that you can suggest!

About Magira

Magira is a brand of Mutazioni, a project founded by Johnny Sabadin at the end of 2020. Magira is a video blog without advertising interruption and independent from the pressure exercised by sponsors and “ratings”. Inside it there will be spaces for self-promotion of services developed by brands (Moview, BrandEngage, Weeby) all belonging to
All video articles are self-produced in collaboration with the creators that you will find mentioned.

Our Experiences

  • video interviews 92% 92%
  • Journalistic editing 87% 87%
  • Production Management 68% 68%
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